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The Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit: Get Royal with the Most Formal Scottish Attire

The Prince Charlie kilt outfit is a traditional and formal Scottish outfit. People usually prefer to wear it for important events such as weddings, formal dinners, and Highland gatherings. Besides, its name comes from Bonnie Prince Charlie and has a link to the Jacobite period.

Key Pieces of the Prince Charlie Kilt Ensemble:

Our Prince Charlie Attire Collection offers perfect craftsmanship. Furthermore, we ensure you get the best quality on an affordable budget. Above all, we tailor our outfits to perfection. Hence, they provide a timeless experience of the heritage. Let us check out the key elements our ensemble offer:

  • Prince Charlie Jacket:

The Prince Charlie Jacket has a short cutaway front with extended tails at the back. Additionally, it has decorative silver or chrome buttons and silk-faced lapels.

  • Kilt:

A formal Scottish kilt is often solid black, made of high-quality wool, with sewn-down pleats or foldings for a more streamlined appearance.

  • Vest (Waistcoat):

Wear a matching or complementary waistcoat underneath, often crafted from the same material as the jacket.

  • Dress Sporran:

Sporran is a decorative pouch crafted from fur or horsehair. Suspended from a chain belt, it adorns the front of the kilt.

  • White Formal Shirt and Bow Tie:

For refinement, pair up a pristine, white formal shirt with a wing collar and a black bow tie.

  • Kilt Hose and Flashes:

Kilt hose are knee-high stockings with ornamental bands (flashes) just below the knee that match the plaid of the kilt.

  • Ghillie Brogues:

Ghillie brogues are traditional Scottish footwear with long laces that wrap around the ankle and lower thigh.

  • Sgian Dubh:

The little ornate knife, usually fitted into the kilt hose, looks beautiful and complements the attire.

All things considered, the Prince Charlie kilt attire is well-known for its formality and elegance. Therefore, it is a popular choice for black-tie events. Moreover, it embodies history and tradition, paying respect to Scottish heritage and the renowned character of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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The Prince Charlie outfit isn't just for weddings. It's versatile, hence a perfect choice for black-tie events, formal dinners, and more. So, invest in an outfit that you can wear on multiple occasions.

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