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The Scottish Fly Plaid: A Regal Accessory for Highland Elegance

The Scottish fly plaid is a distinguished and eye-catching accessory that adds an air of grandeur and tradition to Highland dress. This piece of tartan kilt skirt fabric is both a stylish adornment and a symbol of Scottish traditional heritage. It is normally draped over the shoulder and fastened with a brooch.

Let us explore the significance of the fly plaid that we offer here at Scot Kilt Store:

Fly Plaid: A Cloak of Distinction:

The fly plaid is a large piece of tartan fabric, often in the same pattern as the kilt or tartan kilt skirt and trousers. The other name used for it is "plaid brooch". Typically worn over the left shoulder, hence the wearers secure it with a brooch. Moreover, the brooch allows the fabric to flow gracefully down the back. The fly plaid's design or pattern is significantly the same as that of the tartan kilt.

Finding a fly plaid for sale is relatively easy, as it is a key element in Highland dress. However, the main source of fly plaids is a variety of outlets. The outlets may include specialised Scottish attire stores, online retailers, or Highland games and festivals. When shopping for a fly plaid, it's essential to consider factors such as

  •  the type of tartan 
  • the quality of the fabric 
  • the design of the brooch

Why Choose Our Fly Plaids:

  • Exquisite Tartan Selection: Browse through a mesmerising range of tartan patterns, each representing a piece of Scotland's rich history. Whether you want to pay homage to your clan or simply find a design that resonates with your personal style, our tartan options are diverse and captivating.
  • Luxurious Wool Quality: Feel the softness and warmth of our high-quality wool or wool-blend fabric. Our Fly Plaids are designed not only to look regal but also to keep you comfortable throughout any event, no matter the season.
  • Elegant Draping: Experience the elegance of our Fly Plaids as they drape effortlessly over your shoulder. Our carefully designed pieces ensure that you look impeccable from every angle, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who beholds your attire.
  • Signature Brooch Designs: Our Fly Plaids are adorned with exquisite brooches that add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. Each brooch features intricate Celtic motifs and meaningful symbols, making it a unique accessory that complements your style and enhances your overall look.

Wearing the Fly Plaid: A how-to guide

Wear the fly plaid over your left shoulder and fasten it with the brooch. It all in all introduces an extra touch of formality and grandeur to Highland attire. Moreover, you can save it for special events such as weddings, formal gatherings, and ceremonial occasions.

Buy traditional clothing at our store!

The Scottish fly plaid is a symbol of tradition and a striking addition to Highland dress. Whether you choose to wear a fly plaid to honour your clan, showcase your Scottish heritage, or simply appreciate its regal appearance, you'll find a variety of options for sale to suit your preferences. 

Fly Plaid for Sale:

As you don this majestic piece of fabric, you'll become part of the centuries-old tradition. A tradition that continues to captivate and inspire wearers of Highland attire! Explore our website and discover your favourite Fly Plaid for Sale in our collection. We, at Scot Kilt Store, offer a range of fly plaids, mixing up tradition with modernity. So, don't wait!