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Argyll Kilt Outfit: A Less Formal Attire with Complete Traditional Elegance

The Argyll kilt Outfit is a popular and formal ensemble in Scottish Highland dress. People prefer to wear it at weddings, traditional meals and ceremonies.

It takes its name from the western Scottish area of Argyll and is famous for its versatility. However, it is somewhat less formal in appearance compared to the Prince Charlie outfit

Key Pieces of the Argyll Kilt Outfit:

The Argyll Kilt Outfit balances formality and comfort, making it an adaptable option for several occasions. It is a little less formal than the Prince Charlie ensemble. So, it's a popular choice for people finding traditional Highland attire. The Argyll Kilt Outfit, like other Scottish outfits, allows wearers to exhibit their connection to Scottish ancestry while also expressing their flair on necessary occasions.

Here are the essential components offered by Scot Kilt Store:

  • Argyll Jacket 

The Argyll Jacket is a shorter and more fitting jacket with a straight-cut front and short tails at the back. Artisans often make it from Barathea wool and sometimes add silk-faced peak lapels and decorative silver or chrome buttons.

  • Kilt:

The Argyll kilt is often of a solid colour, usually black, albeit allowing other shades. Stitchers often secure the back pleats for a clean look.

  • Vest (Waistcoat):

It is a matching or complementing waistcoat to wear underneath. Generally, it is made with the same material as the jacket.

  • Sporran:

 A necessary element of the ensemble, the sporran is frequently a dress sporran, such as the one used with the Prince Charlie suit. It's an ornamental bag that hangs from a chain belt at the front of the kilt.

  • White Formal Shirt with Wing Collar and Black Bow Tie:

A white formal shirt with a wing collar paired with a black bow tie adds grace to the overall look.

  • Kilt Hose and Flashes:

Kilt hoses with flashes – decorative bands that match the kilt's plaid. These flashes are worn just below the knee and fastened with garters.

  • Ghillie Brogues:

Ghillie brogues are traditional Scottish leather shoes with long laces wrapping around the ankle and lower thigh that complement the costume.

  • Sgian Dubh:

A sgian-dubh, a small ornamental knife often tucked into the kilt hose, looks aesthetic. While it traditionally served a practical purpose, in formal settings, it serves for decorative purposes.

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