About Scot Kilt Store

“Scot Kilt Sore” as the name depicts is an online retail store for buying Scottish and Highland Cultural Dress i.e., Kilt with all its variety and all its related stuff like Kilt Jackets and all the kilt accessories like brooches, pins, and ghillie brogues.
We aim to provide the same or higher quality products and we offering our services in over 5 countries with the aim to serve as many kilts wearing people as we can.



Custom Made Products

We produce kilts according to the customer’s specifications. We are proud of the quality of service we give to our valuable customers and the products. Through decades of hard work, we have established an exceptional reputation in the US and abroad as experts of Highland Outfit.

Quality Control

Our Quality control team take great care while producing every outfit to ensure that the kilt should be perfectly fit according to the given measurement and customer should be proud to wear it. Our kilts are ware at weddings, formal events, and they are even ware as daily attire due to the vast Scottish and Irish heritage of the US and Canada.

Personal Attention

In the fashion industry, there are many small owner-operated companies that provide personal attention to every order. Scot Kilt Store is one such company with a commitment to giving customers an unparalleled shopping experience from start to finish--especially those who have questions or need help! We will do everything in our power for you by either finding what's right not currently on sale at any point during your browsing session (even before) AND sending updates about new arrivals when they happen so make sure to check back often because we update these frequently enough where anything could potentially show up soon enough ;)


The customer service team at Scot Kilt Sore is so great! We have a very responsive email and chat support, just in case you're ever stuck with an issue. They'll do their best to help as soon as possible for your convenience – let us know if there's anything we can provide assistance on or offer guidance towards solving the problem by contacting one of our friendly representatives today!

Secure Shopping

Your shopping is safe with us! We use 128-bit SSL technology to ensure that your personal information remains private. In addition, we never store credit card data and offer great alternative payment methods including Stripe or PayPal as well. For help and information contact us anytime!"




Our Secure Site uses the latest 128 Bit SSL Technology which ensures all customer transactions remain confidential  Our site does not keep any kind of sensitive financial data like debit/credit card numbers on file; instead our staff will only see what you're willing to show them such as an email address (if applicable).

Our Address

Province: PUNJAB
Zip Code: 51310
phone Number: +923316117318
Email Address: support@Scotkiltstore.com